On the 28 August 1976 a Lockheed C-141A Starlifter (67-0006) from the 438th MAW, US Air Force on its approach to the USAF base at Mildenhall in Suffolk crashed in the fields of Thorney during a severe thunderstorm. This memorial is dedicated to those who lost their lives that day.

This Memorial is Dedicated to the Crew
and Passengers of Aircraft 67-006
Who Perished Near This Site
28 August 1976

  • Capt. John R. McNally – Aircraft Commander
  • Capt. Leslie C. Brissette – Co-Pilot
  • 1Lt. David A. Lynch – Co-Pilot
  • 1Lt. William G. Martin – Co-Pilot
  • Maj. Alesandro Corona – Navigator
  • Capt. Robert A. Eigenrauch – Navigator
  • Capt. Kenneth M. Burkhart – Navigator
  • MSgt. Richard M. Cleven Flight Engineer
  • TSgt. Gaston J. Vargas – Flight Engineer
  • SSgt. Harry R. Dempsey – Flight Engineer
  • SSgt. John H. Blackley – Loadmaster
  • SSgt. Glenn K. Haberbush – Loadmaster
  • Maj. Edwin C. Payne Aux Crew Member
  • Capt. Dale C. Johnson Aux Crew Member
  • Capt. Charles Barlow – Passenger
  • Capt. Olan Melton – Passenger
  • TSgt. Bruce Kearns Passenger
  • SSgt. Jean Perrin – Passenger